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App Review: Snake Rewind

Before the age of smart devices and touch screens, we were satisfied with the simple game of Snake which relied on a small keyboard to guide the snake to the food to help him get bigger and bigger. Competition was ever prevalent in my family which lead to us fighting over the mobile phone to make sure our top scores […]

App Of The Week: Color Sheep

If fairy tales are to be believed , wolves are evil and we should fear them… and if Twilight is to be believed despite their hulking masses, werewolves are super boring and should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully there’s an app for that and a little sheep has come to our rescue to defend us from these […]

App Review: Marvel: Future Fight

Once upon a childhood, a young Adam fell in love with a game. Said game brought all his favourite heroes together in one action packed RPG with a great story and incredibly epic cut scenes. That game was Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and after its sequel, Adam patiently waited for a third instalment that would allow […]

Doc Ock Added To Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man fans can finally rejoice as everyone’s favorite 8-legged mad scientist springs into action as the latest update to Spider-Man Unlimited. The latest update to the episodic iOS and Android game Spider-Man Unlimited will feature not only the infamous Doc Ock, but also his underwater lab and a set of new Spideys for the player […]