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David Bowie – In Memoriam

There’s no word great enough to truly encompass the grandeur of David Bowie as a creative entity. Every attributed title or caption must come with a massive caveat. Yes, he’s a musician, but he’s not just a musician, yes, he’s an artist, but he’s not just an artist. His body of work, which clocks in […]

Wes Craven – In Memoriam

The term master gets thrown around a lot when talking about film-makers who’ve had a lengthy enough career. The pedigree of age becomes the only pedigree for entry into being considered a cinematic genius of some degree. Often times, when term master is applied to someone in cinema, the argument as to why boils down […]

Jeff Hanneman – In Memoriam

It feels really strange typing these words. After a certain amount of time and repeated exposure to someone’s creative output, that creative output stops being like a window into the world that person has created and actually starts becoming part of the the world around you. You forget that those pieces of creativity, those fragments […]