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Personal Identity And RPGs

One of my first articles on this website was a piece on the many habits one develops over the years whilst playing RPGs. These habits are inevitable of course, so many years of play will simply train you into it. But I had to wonder how many habits do people specifically build into their characters […]

Beyond Refrigerators IV: The Matrix is a GOOD Movie

"One of the greatest charms of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in particular is the freedom the author possesses to custom-build a suitable world to host their story. However, the author remains a product of the real world. The audience they are speaking to are also a product of the real world. Therefore, all created worlds are related to our world through the humanity of the mind behind the story."

Sexism in Games: Culture and Industry

We're always very eager to know what our readers thought about our featured articles and opinions and more recently we attempted to open discussion on the subject of gender and identity within the geek community. Stephen Beirne, sent us in the following article that details with the manifestation of sexism and gender bias in gaming.