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Top 5 Pets We Wish We Had At Hogwarts

So September 1st came and went and again we didn’t go to Hogwarts. But this never stops Potterheads like myself from thinking about what types of things we would do and what cool stationary and supplies we would bring. A big question for all wizards when starting school is “owl, cat or toad?” and this […]

Geek N’ Bake: Butter Beer

I have never tried ‘Butter Beer’ before the weekend. Whenever I heard the name mentioned in the Harry Potter movies my stomach would always gargle and it never sounded that appealing to me. I always envisioned this fatty gloopy mess, served in tall pint glasses with chunks of butter bobbing up and down. I couldn’t have been […]

J.K. Rowling: "You Went To Hogwarts"

Tuesday blues getting you down? Well author and resident Arcade hero/legend/beloved icon J.K. Rowling has made our day and hopefully it will make yours too. The social media mogul that she is, Rowling took to her Twitter account to explain that we’ve all been to Hogwarts and that we are all a huge part of it: […]