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Capcom Resurrects Onimusha: Warlords

Yurp; you read that right! Capcom are bring Onimusha: Warlords back and it’s across consoles and PC. So if you are like me and revel at the thought of replaying your favourite old games (yes I know we’re what’s wrong with the market!) with a makeover; here’s another for the list. Onimusha: Warlords was released […]

Resident Evil Remastered Claims Top Spots

Late last month, a remastered HD Resident Evil was released on the PlayStation store and in it’s short time, it managed to beat out some stiff competition to claim the top selling spot for the month on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The 19 year old title received a makeover from it’s developers and […]

News: WindWaker sails to the WiiU

Clever? Right? You got that reference… nevermind! The Legend of Zelda: WindWaker is making it’s way to the Wii U on the 4th October in three rather cute looking editions! Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. If you can’t find me writing, I’m probably in the kitchen! www.the-arcade.ie

Phoenix has no objections to HD collection for iOS.

Everyone’s favourite attorney is making no objections to his forthcoming HD adventures for iOS devices according to a press release from Capcom today! “Capcom has ruled that court is back in session with the announcement of Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney™ Trilogy HD for iOS devices. Re-created in beautiful HD, this compilation features the first three games in […]

Konami Announces "Project Ender"

With the recent Konami Event to announce the release date of the Zone of The Enders HD Collection, Hideo Kojima also announced they are working on what they call “Project Ender” a new game in the Zoe of the Enders franchise and a possible sequel to the 2nd Runner. No other details were released apart […]