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Hayao Miyazaki Is Out Of Retirement

A titan in the world of Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazaki is out of retirement to take on a new project in 3D! The project in question will be a short movie (approximatly 10 minutes) and Miyazaki‘s, “first ever in a 3D CGformat.”, according to The Week. Meanwhile, Mark Schilling, Japan Corespondent for Variety, has reported that the short will star a, […]

Hayao Miyazaki to receive Honorary Oscar

There is no man more deserving of an Academy Award than the genius that is Hayao Miyazaki (73). Miyazaki will accept his honorary academy award at the Governor’s Award ceremony in Los Angeles this Saturday. Having already declined to attend the 2003 Academy Awards when his film Spirited Away was nominated and won Best Animated […]

Studio Ghibli Rises – Part 2

In part one we left off after looking at the rise of Studio Ghibli and how it became the most influential studio in Japanese and worldwide animation. From their humble beginnings to topping all sorts of charts with their big screen releases. Studio Ghibli took the nineties by storm not they have to make their […]

Studio Ghibli Rises – Part 1

With all the hullaballoo & rumours circling around the internet about the possible closure of Studio Ghibli, fans have truly been kept on the edge of their seats. Of course it has been corrected and confirmed that the studio are simply taking a break from filmmaking. Not ideal for hard-core Ghibli fans like myself but […]

Studio Ghibli Rumours Put to Rest

The last 24 hours has been a mess of ‘Studio Ghibli is closing forever!’ and ‘No more films from Ghibli!’, but it seems it’s been blown out of proportion. Yes, Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement is true. This, however, does not mean all doom and gloom for the studio. They have not said there will be no more […]