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Quidditch Ireland Needs Your Help!

The Arcade previously told you about the new Team Ireland that was being formed for The European Quidditch Games. This new team was announced in Quidditch circles earlier this month (as below). There have been two appearances by various line-ups in the past, but outside of professional sport. Particularly for such a new and innovative […]

LeakyCon 2017 Comes To Dublin

LeakyCon is an ‘unofficial’ fan event hosted by UK/USA based events company Mischief Management. I put ‘unofficial’ in inverted commas because it may not be endorsed by Warner Bros or JK Rowling‘s people, but it has been THE place to be for all Harry Potter fans for many years. Now in it’s 8th year, LeakyCon promises […]

Dear Arcade… Loved And Lost… Again!

A few weeks after we started TheArcade.ie our tiny office was flooded with letters looking for help. An outpouring from readers around the world desperate for advice and guidance. Unable to deal with the volume, we just ignored them hoping they would go away. They haven’t! So in an effort to deal with our problem […]