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Review: Halo 4

As one of the most iconic and best loved shooting games in the world, the Halo series continues on from it's humble days on the original Xbox console. Master Chief and Cortana return once more in the latest game continuing on from the events of the previous, the Arcade is ready to take Halo 4 apart with our in-depth review.

Halo 4 Launch Party

Guess where we were last night? (No smart answers please!) The Arcade was cordially invited along to the launch of Microsoft Studios highly anticipated, Halo 4! With some stores opening at midnight to sell the game to diehard fans, we were there before all the action to check out the game, meet some fans and […]

Halo 4 Gameplay Trailer

If you enjoyed the live action trailer but you still aren’t convinced…then check out this whooping great gameplay trailer for Halo 4! Ok it’s mostly cutscenes from the game tying in some more of the story BUT it is pretty and it’s definitely keeping our attention! “The Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil […]

An Ancient Evil Awakens – Halo 4 Trailer

It’s here in all of it’s glory! With the November 7th release date around the corner, we’re drooling in anticipation at the return of Master Chief! For the time being we’ll just chew on the trailer from Tim Miller and David Fincher! Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. If you can’t find […]