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Geek N’ Bake: Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate lovers lend me your ears, eyes and tastebuds! I remember being slightly weird out when watching Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone and the chocolate frogs that Harry bought off the sweet cart onboard the train to Hogwarts, came to life and started jumping all over the place. I don’t like frogs! I do like chocolate! […]

Cosplay Closet: Pout Perfection

In my last cosplay  piece we looked at eyeliners and brow pencils to give you that on-fleek look. This one is all about that pout, the perfect lip. With everything else done and dusted, the last pieces of you look will add dimension, highlights, shadows, subtle colouring and plump luscious lips. Lips are one of the most […]

Guide: Relieve Post-Con Blues

At the end of con season, it’s easy to feel down during those gaps in between each big event. We know the feeling. Eirtakon has just ended and you’ve experienced that rush of emotion with your friends by creating fresh memories that will last a lifetime. Now you’re sitting at home sinking into normality once again – […]