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Jessica Lucas Cast As Tigress For Gotham

FOX’s Gotham has just cast actress Jessica Lucas in the role of Tigress, a villain that is set to appear in the popular show’s second season. Tigress, otherwise known as Tabitha Galavan, will play the muscle for her brother Theo (James Frain), an evil industrialist with plans to completely control Gotham. What else is new, right? While […]

New Gotham Villain Is 'No Joke'

We have seen many of our favourite villains recreated for the Gotham series and done very well but is Gotham somehow playing a joke on us? The latest promo for the upcoming episode called “The Bling Fortune Teller” gives the promise of a new villain to Gotham, with the description of “No Joke.” Check it […]

Downloadable DC Halloween Masks

Just in case you are pinching your pennies this weekend and relying on those good old black bin bags, DC and FOX are keen to lend you a helping hand… so long as you’ve got yourself a printer and it doesn’t even need to be a colour one (unless you fancy splashing out!). In honour […]

What Are You Watching? The Fall Season

Fall TV that is always worth a geek’s attention but with so much choice out there, it can be hard to stay put on one channel, focused on one show and glued to that screen! Fear not! The Arcade has you covered, from what’s new and hot, to what’s recurring but fresh, this is what […]