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Arkham Asylum Gets LEGO Treatment

One of the most iconic locations in the DC Universe is getting the LEGO treatment. It took builder Forgotten Days over a year and 18,000 LEGO pieces to plan and complete the build of the infamous Arkham Asylum. The madhouse/prison for some of Gotham’s deadliest criminals and Batman’s worst enemies, the asylum appears in comics, movies, television shows […]

Gotham Easter Egg In SuperGirl Preview

In the most recent trailer for next week’s episode of Supergirl ‘Red Faced’, you can just about see a sly reference to Gotham. Most of the fans, particularly in the US, will know both shows air at the same time. This is quite the precedent as it is the first time that both superhero series from the same […]

Gotham Casts Their Hugo Strange

Gotham continues to fill out their roster of characters as the latest reveal comes in the casting of Professor Hugo Strange. ComicBook.com has revealed that Law and Order: SVU / Jurassic World actor BD Wong will portray Hugo Strange in the series where he has been hired to run Gotham‘s Arkham Asylum. In the comics, Professor Hugo […]

New Character Posters Released For Gotham Season 2

With the recent release of a new promotional video featuring our favourite villains, we’re even more excited about Gotham‘s highly anticipated second season. Now a portfolio of character posters has been released showcasing characters we know and love, and some new faces as well. The popular show’s newcomers include James Frain and Jessica Lucas as Theo […]

Season Two Of Gotham Casts Villain Firefly

Gotham continues on to its second season with the news that they’ve cast Michelle Veintimilla as fire starter Bridgit Pike, who’s taking on the mantle of Firefly. Most noticeable is the choice to cast a woman for the role; so far, the characters to hold the title of Firefly have been male, making this an interesting decision. Firefly is geared to […]

Michael Chiklis Cast In Upcoming Gotham Role

Michael Chiklis, best known for portraying The Shield‘s Vic Mackey, has been cast as series regular Captain Nathaniel Barnes in Gotham, TVLine is reporting. According to the report, the character of Barnes (who doesn’t have a correlating character from the comic book universe) is someone who, “lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping out […]