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Ross’ Top 5 Albums Of 2015

What a year it’s been in terms of music. What a bloody outstanding year. There have been so many good tracks and albums in the past twelve months, with some of my favourite bands releasing new work, surprise newcomers and outliers that I had never listened to before all contributing to make this one of […]

Music Monday: Winter Ambiance

Winter is here. Put your memes away, winter is no longer coming, it’s HERE. And with it comes headcolds, short days, long nights and the need for internal heating systems to stave off the cold outside. Leaving the house in the morning to a night sky and coming home in the same can be a […]

Music Monday 28/07/2014

We’ve been having some pretty warm weather recently, and on top of sweating and feeling generally uncomfortable, its also been perfect for keeping the laid back chill out tunes on repeat. Few things are better than a soft, ambient jam, an ice cold beverage and the sun’s rays to remind you that it all ain’t […]