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A Gif For Every Occasion: Gif Essay

Like most people, I’ve always been a fan of Futurama. Sure, it’s had its low points but on the whole it’s always been funny and clever and at times genuinely heartfelt and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone on earth who didn’t recognise the show or one of their iconic lines. In fact, sometimes they even […]

Desperation Day Is Here Geeks!

Ah, Valentines Day! For some, it’s a wonderful excuse for some R&R with that special someone in your life. But for others, it’s a panic inducing suck-fest that reminds you of the fact you are once again alone. It can be incredibly stressful watching all of your friends get paired off while you’re stuck having […]

Gif Essay: When Your Favourite Show Ends

We have all been there; that final scene in Friends, that last shot of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Even if you haven’t watched one of the more popular shows, you can totally relate when you see your friends devastated that their favourite show is no longer filming new shows. Once you get hooked on a show, […]

Gif Essay: Otaku Haze

Right fine I’ll admit it I might have been/currently still in a hardcore Anime marathon/binge/wasting my life spree! I’m proud of it and no there haven’t been any terrible side effects to report! I mean I’m suffering from partial blurred vision, sure I hear everything one pitch higher than it should normally sound, a migraine […]

Gif Essay: Geek Clutter

Oh how on Earth did it get like this? You’ve spent the last few weeks holed up in your room – the waste paper basket has spawned sentience and is evolving! The mountain of clothes in the corner is now a breeding ground for appalachian goats! Oh and your collection of amazing geek and pop culture […]

Gif Essay: Have a Miserable Christmas

Christmas TV exists to fill you full of cheer and goodwill, right? Okay, most of it does. But there are some that opt for an alternative emotional ethos. Here are some of the most powerful. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946) When people think of Frank Capra’s masterpiece they think of this They don’t think of […]