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Gears Of War To Be Remastered For Xbox One

Those of you lucky enough to own an Xbox One will see one of Microsoft’s most iconic games get the spit and polish treatment with Gears of War set for a remaster. The game will run at 60 frames per second and will include everything from a complete overhaul of the cinematics, thanks to studio […]

Remastered Gears Of War Coming To Xbox One

That’s the all but confirmed rumor anyway! It seems that there might be something though as rumors of an Xbox One remastered version of Gears of War gaining reliability. While series developers Black Tusk have said they are not working on a remaster that doesn’t mean another company isn’t and it’s believed that British developer Splash […]

Top 5 Video Game Bromances

Ah, the bromance. That vaguely homoerotic relationship between two men that breaks the walls of mere friendship and flourishes into something bigger and more beautiful and also subsequently creates some of the creepiest fanships and fictions I have ever seen. Bromances have spread from books to film to cinema to, of course, video games and […]

Weekly Recap 02/02/14

Hello, and welcome back to the weekly recap of all the biggest news in gaming. Let’s get this started with the headlines. Dark Souls Community Art included in-game Randal’s Monday Sly Cooper hits the big screen Everyone’s favourite masked thief is back and this time he is hitting the big screen. The trailer was released […]