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Replay: Def Jam: Fight For NY

“A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back he’s gonna strike. Real power comes from respect. That’s what our code is all about.” -Chris Judge as D-Mob A particular Music Monday from a few week’s back inspired me to play Def Jam: Fight for NY again. I remember getting it […]

Boss Rush: Master Hand

He is master and creator, punisher and destroyer, the antagonist for the iconic and beloved fighting game series Smash Bros. Whether you’re scrawling across the first game on the Nintendo 64 or bashing buttons on your 3DS you will inevitably come face to face with the terrifying adversary known infamously as ‘Master Hand’. Master Hand […]

Retro Review: Mario Kart Double Dash

If you consider yourself a gamer and you grew up pre-Call of Duty, chances are you had a Mario Kart of your childhood. A Mario Kart that you devoted yourself to, completing every stage to it’s absolute fastest and then having a few friends over to play multi-player (remember having to do that!?) for hours […]