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Spoopy Makeup! – Ewtube

So it’s the month of Halloween… sorry, I meant October —- or did I?! Basically once October comes along, I  immediately go into full on Halloween and horror mode! And once that happens, well  I like to head to my most favourite youtube channel which is MadeYewLook. Now, you may have seen her on The […]

Monsterpalooza 2016 – Review

Once again, fiends and ghouls of all shapes, sizes, and ages were reunited under one roof. Monsterpalooza is back at it with their 8th convention, this time with a new location. Over the years, the convention grew so much they were left with no other option but to relocate. I spoke to some long time […]

Sulli Officially Quits f(x)

As of August 7, it would seem that f(x) is officially a 4 member group. SM Entertainment has announced today that band member Sulli will be leaving the group after much speculation. SM Entertainment released a statement saying that they had “negotiated with Sulli and decided to respect her wishes to leave f(x) and focus […]

Fargo Season 2 Trailer Says Lock The Door

The Fargo season 2 teaser has finally hit the web and, for any fans of the first, we can say it’s looking mighty good. In the brief teaser we get our first look at Kirsten Dunst and Ted Danson playing Peggy Blomquist and Hank Larsson.  Fargo is due to hit TV screens in September. Tell us below, are you […]