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Star Coming To Disney+ In February

Star is the next addition coming to Disney+ and will bring a host of series, movies and original content to the streaming service. With a more mature tone and range, Star will host entertainment from the likes of 20th Century, ABC and FX, including How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, Lost, The X-Files, Die Hard, […]

Details Revealed For Alien: Blackout

A new game has been announced by Fox, set in the Alien universe. Called Alien: Blackout, it is set after the events of 2014 Alien: Isolation and again follows Amanda Ripley. You and a small crew are trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph. Using damaged controls, you are tasked with […]

Fox Schedules Six More Marvel Films

Fox already has several Marvel films on the schedule for next year, like Deadpool 2 or X-Men: Dark Phoenix to just name a couple. And earlier today they expanded that schedule by adding six films that will be out between 2019, 2020, and 2021. The interesting thing is that all of these films are untitled. […]

X-Men: New Mutants Officially Begins Casting

The X-Men franchise continues to grow at Fox. One of the newest entrants in the franchise is the upcoming New Mutants. The movie will be directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) based on a script by both Boone and Knate Gwaltney. The casting process has now begun on the film as well. After many rumours and much speculation, The Hollywood Reporter is […]

New Mutants Film Enters Pre-Production

New heroes take centre stage After many months of speculation, it would appear that 20th Century Fox has finally pulled the trigger on a New Mutants stand alone film. Last week, screenwriter/director Josh Boone posted a photo of his birthday cake to Instagram with the New Mutants logo on it. Boone also posted a second photo […]

Deadpool 2 And Tim Miller Part Ways

Deadpool has been one of the greatest surprises of 2016, and now the director of that film, Tim Miller, has left the sequel. Miller cited the ever popular ‘creative differences’ for the reason for leaving the project. The differences have apparently arose between Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds. According to Variety, this is an amicable split between Tim and […]