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Chrono Trigger – Forgotten Childhood

Recently I’ve been craving an old-school Japanese role-playing game. I’m not completely sure why this crippling addiction has resurfaced or why my usual methadone of reminding myself that they’re all like 50 hours long has failed me, but here we are. I immediately turned to the final fantasy series, a sequence of games which held my […]

Shrek 2 – Forgotten Childhood

When thinking about what this week’s article should be about, Shrek 2 came to mind immediately. Mostly because I just watched it two weeks ago. This idea was swiftly followed by the realisation that this was released during my teenage years. A quick google search revealed that this movie is twelve years old guys! Twelve! […]

Forgotten Childhood: Final Fantasy X

Following on from last week’s Forgotten Childhood, Final Fantasy 9, let’s take a look at Final Fantasy X. Over 15 years since the original release, Square Enix was kind enough to bring out a HD Remaster of both Final Fantasy X and X-2. I have been binging my way through X for the last few weeks, determined to get every […]

Jake Long: American Dragon – Forgotten Childhood

Hello again, nostalgia addicts! This week on Forgotten Childhood, we’re taking a look at once of the many cartoons from the after school Disney Channel vault, Jake Long: American Dragon. Back in the day when shows like Jackie Chan Adventures and the original Avatar were popular, Disney was seemingly looking for a way to incorporate more eastern culture into their […]

The Winx Club: Forgotten Childhood

This week on Forgotten Childhood I had intended to do one of my all-time favourite cartoons, The Animaniacs, upon hearing the tremendous news that it had been made available on Netflix. However, it’s not on Irish Netflix and we here at the Arcade do not condone IP switching.  In fact, we’ve never even heard of […]

Grim Tales With Rik Mayall – Forgotten Childhood

I’ve been on a total Roald Dahl nostalgia trip ever since that The BFG trailer. George’s Marvelous Medicine, the story of a perfectly normal boy who not quite inadvertently creates a magic potion and gives it unpleasant and cantankerous grandmother, is my favourite of them all. The only screen adaptation it has received was a five-part […]