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Fantasy Football

Ever wondered what it would be like if Superman, Spider-Man, Obi-Wan or Hermione Granger played on your football team? Well, now you don’t have to. This isn’t a big new game coming out but an awesome, fan-made video featuring some of our favourite heroes battling it out against each other on some astro turf where […]

Could You Work for EA?

In an e-mail today, ‘EA’ have announced they’re launching a talent search for people passionate about sports and football. ‘The EA Talent Scout campaign is back! Do you live and breathe football, have an encyclopaedic knowledge of your favourite team and the patience and dedication to work with our database? If the answer is: yes, yes […]

Review: Madden NFL 25

You, the Quarterback get the ball as a play begins, it is the final play in the game, it is the final chance to score a touchdown and secure the victory. Time is against you, as the defense keep closing in, you either make a play now or go down, along with your hopes and […]

EA and the GAA

‘I’ve been chanting EA GAA over in my head now for a while and it sounds really catchy! Now if you spend your Sunday afternoons glued to your seat while your county team goes head to head with another or your cooped up at home with the Sunday roast hap hazardly placed on your lap […]