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Weekly Recap 07/06/2014

Well ladies and gentlemen its almost upon us, yes starting this Monday the biggest gaming conference of the year begins, E3. That means a lot of announcements and not a lot of sleep for me, but it’s nothing that a lot of coffee won’t sort. While all the big huge announcements are going to be […]

Square Enix considers development for PC

With the recent release of Lighting Returns:Final Fantasy XIII, fans of the series(myself included) waved goodbye to  a long and confusing trilogy and  began looking to the future with Final Fantasy VX… sadly PC gamers, myself included, shall have to pass on the title due to it’s console exclusivity… or will we? Ciaran Nolan

Weekly Recap 16/02/2014

Watch Dogs still on track for April to June, Wii U version delayed One of the biggest games of 2012’s E3 was without a doubt WatchDogs, but in recent months the hype has certainly died down. Well if you still have a interest in the cyberpunk style open world adventure, its gotten a update in […]