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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is coming to PS4

That’s right all those rumours are true – after the posting and then deletion of the post made on Square Enix’s own French Storefront that the games would be made available for the PlayStation 4 system in 2015 sparking speculation and rumours worldwide. Square Enix made the official announcement yesterday and put all the rumours […]

Square Enix considers development for PC

With the recent release of Lighting Returns:Final Fantasy XIII, fans of the series(myself included) waved goodbye to  a long and confusing trilogy and  began looking to the future with Final Fantasy VX… sadly PC gamers, myself included, shall have to pass on the title due to it’s console exclusivity… or will we? Ciaran Nolan

Final Fantasy VII re-release confirmed

Final Fantasy VII has long been rumoured to make a come back. Square Enix has just confirmed that the Final Fantasy will be back on the PC along with Achievements, Clouds Saves ( insert your own joke here) and a “Character Booster” which seems to be a micro transaction system to allow you boost you […]