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EwTube: So Spoopy!

Halloween may be over for another year (the wailing you’re hearing is probably me sobbing my heart out because… Halloween is awesome!) but that doesn’t mean horror has to go away for twelve months. Right guys? Right…? Well, in my household horror is watched almost daily and believe me when I say, there are some […]

Wicked Film Aiming For 2016 Release

Wicked fans everywhere will be torn in two about this announcement that there is set to be a Wicked film being made, and it is set for release in 2016. Or so says producer Marc Platt. According to an interview with filmdivider.com producer Marc Platt confirmed that there will be a Wicked film and it […]

Studio Ghibli Rises – Part 2

In part one we left off after looking at the rise of Studio Ghibli and how it became the most influential studio in Japanese and worldwide animation. From their humble beginnings to topping all sorts of charts with their big screen releases. Studio Ghibli took the nineties by storm not they have to make their […]

Studio Ghibli Rises – Part 1

With all the hullaballoo & rumours circling around the internet about the possible closure of Studio Ghibli, fans have truly been kept on the edge of their seats. Of course it has been corrected and confirmed that the studio are simply taking a break from filmmaking. Not ideal for hard-core Ghibli fans like myself but […]

Review: Belle

In the last few years, it seems that slavery has made it’s way into the eye of major motion pictures as poignant point onto which to base a narrative. Tarantino tackled it most famously with Django Unchained in 2012, a very good, but also very tongue in cheek attack on the slave driving of the […]