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Google To Host Android Indie Games Festival

Google are planning to host their own indie game festival in San Francisco to promote smaller Android developers this September. They will handpick 30 of the best games to showcase and will decide upon 3 winners, whom will receive prizes such as tickets to Google’s I/O developer conference. Judging by the application requirements, they’re open to […]

Tech Week Is Go!

Tech Week is back! This week the national festival of technology aimed at students, parents, and the public will involve over 90,000 primary and post-primary pupils all over Ireland in a huge range of fun activities including the finals of tech events that have been running throughout the past year. Tech Week ends on 2 […]

What is the Village Carnival?

The Village Carnival was up until recently completely unknown to me, now having attended it was without a doubt one of the best experiences I had this year. So what is the Village Carnival? I sat down with one of the lovely co-ordinators Orla to answer just that. What is the Village Carnival? The Village Carnival […]

Event: K-Pop Contest Ireland

The Korean Embassy in Ireland in association with Dublin Council are hosting the first K-Pop talent contest in Ireland as part of the K-Pop World Festival. Already popular in 40 other countries, this contest is aimed at die hard K-Pop fans as well as those just wishing to do something a little different. The K-Pop World […]

Trailer: The Scumbagnetic Effect

After a routine experiment in Ireland, Dr. Lederhosen has made a massive discovery. When “Subject A”, Scumbag O Brien, is added to a group of people, an unusual phenomenon occurs. As he explains the phenomenon to his colleague Frau Stroudel, Dr Lederhosen seems to believe he has discovered the essence of being a scumbag, calling […]

Event: Darklight Festival

Gamers and movie buffs lend us your ears...and eyes! We bring news of an awesome festival taking place 23rd - 26th August! From discussions and talks from leading names in cinema and VFX, gaming competitions, showcases and screenings, you do not want to miss out on the Darklight Festival.