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Knockout: Fantasy – Books Vs. Games

Fantasy is a genre that has been ingrained in culture and storytelling from the earliest days of human communications, spanning many mediums and primarily deals with forces of supernatural or magical nature. Fantasy works tend to be set in highly fictional worlds where strange creatures, magic and tales of adventure are common themes throughout . […]

Gallery: Fantastical Furry Critters

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and wished you lived in their fantastical worlds filled with magical creatures? I would say “Well now you can!” but that’s not exactly the case. You can, however, own one of these beautiful creations by Lee Cross, also known as Wood-Splitter Lee. They are handmade poseable plush […]

J.K. Rowling: "You Went To Hogwarts"

Tuesday blues getting you down? Well author and resident Arcade hero/legend/beloved icon J.K. Rowling has made our day and hopefully it will make yours too. The social media mogul that she is, Rowling took to her Twitter account to explain that we’ve all been to Hogwarts and that we are all a huge part of it: […]

Gallery: The Fury of Mages

We’ve come to the end of our journey, the quest is almost complete! All this month, I’ve dedicated the theme of our galleries to the essential members of a strong and courageous adventuring party. We’ve seen the brute strength of the warrior, the cunning strikes of the thief and the benevolence of the healer; now, […]

Fantasy Football

Ever wondered what it would be like if Superman, Spider-Man, Obi-Wan or Hermione Granger played on your football team? Well, now you don’t have to. This isn’t a big new game coming out but an awesome, fan-made video featuring some of our favourite heroes battling it out against each other on some astro turf where […]

Gallery – The Thief’s Prize

This week I’m continuing our look at the four base classes of any fantasy RPG and today we’re devoting the gallery to the shadows and the hands that lurk beneath them. I’m referring of course to the craftiest of the four classes, the Thief. Second least favourite class (sorry warriors!) and while I will pick […]