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Studio Ghibli Meets The Witcher In Fan Art

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined Studio Ghibli’s adorable and beautiful animation style and The Witcher? If that answer was “yes,” then you’re going to want to check out this incredible-made fan art by artist Lap Pun Cheung! The Witcher in Studio Ghibli style by @c780162 pic.twitter.com/jF5A1jwzg0 — The Witcher (@witchergame) September 24, 2018 The […]

Mark Duffy Art – Gallery

Generally I don’t go out looking for art at Dublin Comic Con. Sure, like most people I might browse the general area where the art is sold or see if there’s any comic book artists I’ve heard of. But sometimes what you really need is literally around the corner the whole time, if you’ll excuse […]

Critical Role Fan Art

Since I seem to be going through a heavy Critical Role phase, here is my second post about the weekly Twitch stream, following a group of voice actors on their weekly Dungeons and Dragons quests. My favourite thing about getting obsessed with a TV show or video game is the fan art that comes from it. It […]

Unique Fan Art By AtomiccircuS – Gallery

AtomiccircuS is one of those artists who takes their incredible work, and finds new ways to make it ten times more impressive than it already is. I adore scouring the internet for exciting fan art, to help feed my obsessions. AtomiccircuS is one of my current obsessions. He is a tattoo artist from Norway, who […]

Gender-Swapped Avengers – Gallery

We’ve all got fantasy casting for comic book movies. It’s of the fun of these films! Tumblr user DIMILIS has made a very cool series of fantasy castings in which many of the major players for the MCU’s Avengers are gender-swapped. Each character has a new actor and poster attached to them, to demonstrate how […]

Miraculous Ladybug Fan Art – Gallery

Miraculous Ladybug, an anime that first hit the small screen in  South Korea in September 2015, has already gathered quite the online following. Brought to life by the passions of French animator Thomas Astruc, his love of Japanese anime, comics and a chance encounter with a certain lady all contributed to Miraculous Ladybug‘s creation. An anime […]

Cosplay To Be Made Illegal?

Cosplaying is a hobby loved by hundreds of thousands of people world-wide. At its core it is an admiration of characters from anime, manga, tv, film and video games. This love of cosplay has made the cosplay community a fairly large one. The fact that this wonderful vibrant community is under threat is quite disheartening. The […]

Gallery: Fallout Disney Princesses

War… War never changes. Except if you’re an artist, then war can become whatever you want it to be! Artist Peter Slavik decided, in the run-up to Fallout 4, that he’d have a crack at seeing what our beloved Disney princesses would look like in the savagery of the wasteland. As it turns, they look […]

Gallery: Fallout 4 Art Attack

In case you hadn’t heard Fallout 4 is dropping this week and the world and its video game loving grandmother have gone and gotten themselves totally over excited! As one of, if not the most, highly anticipated releases of 2015, the Bethesda title has already begun to win acclaim from video game critics and journalists around the […]