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Nerd Icon – Adam West

Last week we lost an icon of not only television or even nerd culture but of all modern culture itself. Adam West died aged 88 after being diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout his career he kept one of the world’s most famous comic book characters alive in our hearts and made us laugh out loud with […]

10 Things to Do In The Sun!

Catch a Wave! Go to the beach! Show off that beach body while you’re at it! Try a barbecue! If you can put it together that is…. Try a picnic! Better yet, crash a picnic! Go for a swim! ….Unless you can’t swim Enjoy for a nice walk in the park! Or have a nice […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson To Guest Star In Regular Show

Regular Show is going all out for its latest Hallowe’en special, with noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson making an appearance. This is likely because season 8 is the final series of J. G. Quintel’s highly successful animated series. Season 8 takes place entirely in space, and is therefore, perfect for an astrophysicist. Regular Show Hallowe’en […]

7 Foods TV Ruined For Us

I’m a foodie! I’ve even been called a food snob by associates! I’m not picky by any means. I’m vegetarian but I wasn’t raised one so I know what meat (how gross!) tastes like. There are very few things on this planet that I wouldn’t take a bite out of – food is for survival, […]