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Back Issues: Chilling Christmas Crackers

Christmas is a time of cheer, worship and togetherness among friends and family. The finer points of the holiday are illustrated beautifully in the sentiments we share each year with jolly dispositions and shimmering decorations displayed for all to see. It is a quiet time. A time of comfort where nothing could possibly go wrong. […]

Evil Dead TV Series Coming To Starz

The Evil Dead TV series that was announced at San Diego Comic Con has found a network home. Thismeans it won’t just be a pilot produced and released into the ether for someone to hopefully make use of. The network Starz has given the show a ten-episode deal, with Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce […]

Evil Dead TV Show On The Way

Along with confirming that he’s producing The Last of Us movie, Sam Raimi revealed within the same panel that he is working on an Evil Dead TV series. That’s right, an Evil Dead TV series. Very little is to be revealed right now as it was a quick seg-way while Sam talked about TLoU, only […]

Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Let’s get one thing out of the way before I start this review. If you are on the fence or have decided not to give the new Evil Dead a chance because you think it’s a cash grab, or disagree with the idea of an Evil Dead remake/reboot/sequel/whatever you want to believe this film is, […]

The Evil Dead – Remake

Looks like there will be a remake of the 1980’s horror movie “Evil Dead”.  Horror movie fans might be in luck as it seems to be getting some decent reviews and doesnt seem to be far behind the original in terms of rating on IMDb. This is the film that turned Bruce Campbell into an […]