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Xbox One S Has ‘No Impact’ On Your Games

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced their newest console, the Xbox One S. Many people were led to believe that the new console would perform in a higher quality than what is currently supported on the Xbox One. However, in a statement given by Xbox planning lead Albert Penello, the company has confirmed that this is not the […]

New NieR: Automata Trailer And Release Date

E3 continues to dominate the world of gaming news. Publishers are pushing their wares and soon to be released wares on us all. Square Enix have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Nier: Automata. The game comes from the Drakengard series and is the sequel to the 2010 game Nier. As well as taking our breath away, the trailer […]

Press Start: E3 Extravaganza

First of all, let me say hello to everyone and welcome to my weekly column ‘Press Start’. Every Monday I am going to do my best to bring you something game-related for you to read in work on a Monday (let’s be honest, no one works on a Monday, we browse the internet). It will be […]