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First Guests For Dublin Comic Con Announced

Dublin Comic Con 2019 Spring Edition is taking place on March 9th and 10th in the Convention Centre, Dublin. DCC is the longest-running, largest fandom event in Ireland, with 2019 set to be the most epic year yet. 20,000 guests are expected, alongside a host of Hollywood stars, exhibitors/traders and cosplayers. The first set of guests have […]

Mark Duffy Art – Gallery

Generally I don’t go out looking for art at Dublin Comic Con. Sure, like most people I might browse the general area where the art is sold or see if there’s any comic book artists I’ve heard of. But sometimes what you really need is literally around the corner the whole time, if you’ll excuse […]

Cosplay Closet: Packing For DCC 2016!

With Dublin Comic Con right around the corner, some of us cosplayers are bound to still be in the dreaded ‘Con Crunch’, whether it’s trying to finish a cosplay in time or just gathering some last minute supplies. So, we here at The Arcade decided to help all you stragglers and even you, the cosplayer […]

Tickets Go On Sale For Dublin Comic Con

Yes, you read that right. Tickets have officially gone on sale for Dublin Comic Con. The excitement is real, and there’s not even a guest list yet! This has not deterred stall holders, however, as the artist alley tables, craft tables and a large number of aisle stalls have all completely sold out. Which is great […]

The Arcade @ Dublin Comic Con

Dublin Comic Con has been and gone and like last year we were on hand to take it all in, soak up all the geekiness and if we’d any time left over to run some tournaments!  Our team were on hand to oversee card game and board game tournaments ranging from Munchkin to Mage Knight, […]

Video: Dublin Comic Con

He’s done it again and it’s just as kick ass! Graham Dillon, the videographer behind the awesome ArcadeCon 2013 Cosplay Video has gone and turned his camera lense on Dublin Comic Con and the results are no less impressive! With cosplayers attending from all over the country, this is probably Graham’s finest video to date […]