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Best Of Dogs Overreact – Gif Essay

It’s no secret, I’m a sucker for cute canines. Who doesn’t love a big furry face smiling up at you? Don’t get me wrong, cats are fine. But dogs take 1st place for me simply for one reason: they’re idiots at the best of times. No matter how many genius collies you see running agility courses […]

Puppy Time! – EwTube

It’s too hot outside. Sleep is a nightmare in this heat. You’re tired, cranky, sweaty and gross. But there’s one thing that I know will cure your woes. Puppies! To me, there is not a problem that can’t be solved by than a puppy acting an absolute fool, so to brighten your day I’ve picked […]

YouTube Digest: MyHarto

I wrote an EwTube piece not too long ago that featured a video from American YouTuber Hannah Hart. Owing to the response this video got it seemed like a good idea to draft a YouTube Digest focusing on her main channel My Harto. Hart was first introduced to me by a friend. It was a regular content piece known […]

Cute Villains And Superheroes Re-Imagined As Dogs

Have you ever imagined some of your favourite characters as animals? If you’re anything like us, perhaps you’ve matched multiple characters to a number of different species. A Minnesota artist by the name of Josh Lynch did one better and illustrated those ideas and applied them to some of our favourite superheroes and villains. You’ve probably seen […]