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Gif Essay: The Descent Into Cosplay Hell

With Arcadecon currently in full swing and all manner of madness presently occurring, I figured I’d share with you the stages of cosplay disaster that every person will go through at some point over the weekend. When they’re good, they’re great, but the downward slide is a fast and slippery slope. A loose thread now […]

Gif Essay: Project Failure Imminent

We all do it. Sometimes we even know beforehand that the project we’re undertaking isn’t going to go anywhere. Maybe this is a cosplay idea. Perhaps a model you’re building. Or even a book you’re writing. Finding the time and focus to start and finish a project can be exhausting. A point comes toward the end […]

Review: San Andreas

There comes a time when one must accept the reality of one’s age. For some it’s the realization that all the bands they followed have been taken out of the ‘current’ rotation on radio and TV, for others it’s the realization that using radio and TV as benchmarks is a concept lost on the current […]