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Review: Star Wars Battlefront

The return of the much loved Star Wars Battlefront series to our screens has been long awaited. Much like the upcoming film there was an air of excitement and cautious optimism surrounding the release. With DICE’s early behind the scenes videos and teasers throughout the year, I was ready to take off into what I […]

Review: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

If you’re an owner of a PS4, Xbox One or a half decent PC like myself then you may have noticed that Stormtrooper helmet icon lingering on the Playstation Store/Xbox Live Marketplace/Origin. Landing for just a weekend and extended by a day for the players, DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront has made quite the impression on […]

EGX 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Probably one of the most anticipated games of EGX this year was undoubtedly Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. With a line stretching well past the booth allocated to it, the competition to get in was fierce, and honestly, after having played it myself, I can definitely see why. Mirror’s Edge, for the uninitiated, was a game unlike any […]

Geeky Goodies: Plush Comfort

We’re heading for a rough, cold and wet few weeks/months and while some of us (me, mostly me!) are looking forward to the freezing dark nights ahead the rest are dreading soggy clothes, biting winds and lack of sunshine. It got me thinking though about the things we use to comfort ourselves, get all snuggled […]