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Destiny In Your Hands… Sort Of!

Following on from last years line of Titan figurines, Bungie have once again teamed up with scale model specialists 3A to provide fans with more collectables from the world of their hugely popular action role playing RPG, Destiny. Variety! 3A’s latest release, will allow collectors to get their hands on three unique variations of the […]

Destiny Year One: An Overview

Destiny was released on September 9, 2014, across multiple console platforms. It was Bungie’s first release since the end of their involvement with the Halo series, and marked the beginning of a ten-year agreement between themselves and Activision. Upon its initial release I reviewed Destiny for The Arcade. You can check it out here. Over […]

Reveal Teaser For Destiny’s The Taken King

In a smashing teaser trailer for the livestream of Destiny: The Taken King Bungie have given players the opportunity to hear voice actor Nolan North take on the role of the Ghost A.I. North replaces actor  Peter Dinklage  as the voice of the plucky Ghost in this forthcoming expansion and has according to the game developers recorded all of the […]

9.5 Million Registered Users For Destiny

Are you trawling through the colossal jungles of Venus, the burnt sands of Mars or dancing with other Guardians on the guard railing just in front of Xander 99-40 at the Tower (cos I am!)? Well you and I are doing all of that alongside a whopping 9.5 million registered users of Destiny. That would probably […]

Destiny's "Vault of Glass" Raid Has Been Defeated

The PrimeGuard Clan has claimed the bragging rights for clearing the very first Destiny raid, ‘Vault of Glass‘. Bungie opened the vault this morning and reported that they would be monitoring the raid very closely as players from all over the world and across multiple platforms tested their might and skill against it. Congratulations to @PrimeGuardHQ […]

Review: Destiny

Destiny has been out in the wild now for a week and some players like myself have finished the main storyline (so far) and hit the max. level cap, So what did I think of it? Welcome Guardian, to the evolution of FPS gameplay, better strap in because its going to be a fun and […]