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Nioh Beta Demo To Launch In August

Nioh is the latest game from Team Ninja, developers of Ninja Gaiden, and it’s getting a second demo this August. The demo will launch on August 23, and will end on September 3. Back in April they released an alpha version that accumulated over 850,000 players during its release period. Team Ninja have been using the […]

Pokémon Meet Virtual Reality

Three of my favourite words combined? Virtual! Reality! Pokémon! If I’ve died and gone to heaven then please just leave me be! This Pokémon demo was created by  misterbunbun on Oculus Rift and it allows players to take a foot into the virtual world of Pokémon, interact with them, throw Pokéballs and give commands to a […]

Pokémon OR/AS Demos

We’ve been asked to find out if it’s possible for Irish Pokémon trainers to get their hands on the demo for the new Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Saphhire after they found out Gamestop would not be participating in the in-store download events taking place in other video game retailers like GAME. We reached out […]