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Iron Harvest 1920+ Open Beta Date Announced

KING Art Games and Deep Silver announce the the open beta date for Iron Harvest 1920+ today, which will be available from July 30th. The beta will act as a pre-season, ramping up for the digital gamescom in August and featuring to be announced competitive activations, streams and more! Pre-season will consist of: For the […]

Iron Harvest 1920+ Release A New Faction Feature

Iron Harvest 1920+ is a real-time strategy title, set in the an alternative reality 20th century. Three warring factions exist in the world, with each faction offering different tactical opportunities. Battles consist of a mix of human troops and large, hulking diesel powered units. There are over 20 missions across three campaigns and there will […]

TimeSplitters IP Acquired Be THQ Nordic

The infamous TimeSplitters series is a much beloved FPS trilogy. Now it has been announced that the TimeSplitters IP has been acquired by THQ Nordic via their subsidiary Koch Media. The deal includes the rights to the previously released games and to future titles to be created. In short, a HD remaster or re-release of […]

Metro Exodus Gamescom 2018 Trailer

So the Gamescom 2018 news is coming fast. The first thing to really catch my eye and scare the hell out of is the new Metro Exodus trailer.  The third game in the Metro series, the teams at Deep Silver and 4A Games show no signs of slowing down on the terror and action. “Thousands of kilometres from […]

Manticore Galaxy On Fire Review

Switch Flight Sim Mode I can’t tell you the last time I played a flight simulator or even a game where the main point is controlling a vehicle. There’s a reason I don’t have my driver’s license in real life! And there’s a reason I don’t enter Mario Kart tournaments; I make for a terrible […]

Killing Floor 2 Coming To Xbox One

Good news for people who love with blood and gore, Killing Floor 2 is coming to Xbox One this August. After previously releasing on PS4 and Steam, Tripwire and Deep Silver is finally bringing the title to Xbox One. In Killing Floor 2 players are pit against the terrifying Zed. After Europe was overrun by these horrifying […]

Persona 5 Comes To Europe In February 2017

Deep Silver announced on twitter recently that they would be localising Persona 5 in PAL regions for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Deep Silver have worked with Atlus USA in the past when they published Catherine in Europe. They are also publishing other Atlus USA titles, as well as some select Sega titles. The only two others […]