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Two New Characters To Appear In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is known for taking beloved characters from viewers on a regular basis. But this season looks to be introducing some new faces as replacement. Michael Ausiello from TVLine has confirmed that two brand new characters, named Naomi and Jennie, will be appearing in the sixth episode of the upcoming seventh season. Ausiello also gives an […]

New Attraction In China Simulates Death

A new attraction in China has generated a lot of attention lately. This new attraction in a nutshell tries to simulate death, cremation and then rebirth. The whole thing starts with a group of people picking each other out one by one to die. Once you’ve been selected, you experience the whole sequence of events. Then […]

Review: Death Vigil By Stjepan Šejić

Created by: Stjepan Šejić Art by: Stjepan Šejić Colours by: Stjepan Šejić Letters by: Stjepan Šejić Published by: Image – Top Cow “What if someone told the story of a young rookie getting drawn into a world of magic and fantasy that she didn’t even know existed, a world where a team of Reapers wage a never-ending battle against […]

The Best There Is… No More?

Most comic book fans like myself know that when it comes to deaths, most are seen as “he’ll be back in a few months, so why care” In this case, killing Wolverine may seem like a waste at this point seeing as how many other times he’s been killed only to return a few issues […]