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Deadpool 2 Submitted For 15 Oscar Categories

Many are hopeful that Marvel’s Black Panther will reach the Oscars this year. However, it’s not the only Marvel-related Oscar-hopeful. 20th Century Fox is submitting Deadpool 2 to the Oscars for not one, not two – but fifteen Oscar categories. Check out the full list of submissions! Best Picture (Simon Kinberg, Ryan Reynolds, Lauren Shuler Donner) Best […]

Meet Cable Deadpool 2 Trailer Released

Fox have recently released a new Meet Cable Deadpool 2 trailer. The humour, cheeky references and forth wall breaking moments all return from the first film. The trailer opens with the first full glimpse of Josh Brolin’s Cable, with gravelly voice over of his backstory, but it comes to a halt, as Deadpool notices some missing […]

Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Ever since audiences were blown away by the awesome Deadpool movie, we’ve been waiting for any new clips and teasers featuring everybody’s favourite wise-cracking weirdo. If you’re a Deadpool fan (of course you are), then you’ll love this hilarious teaser of the anti-hero dressed up as Bob Ross. Oh, and there’s some cool footage from […]