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Fan Remake Metal Gear Solid Intro

There has been a truly awesome remake of the Metal Gear Solid intro sequence, by Games Art Director Erasmus Brosdau. Having worked on games like Crysis, Ryse, Star Citizen and Origin Zero, Erasmus was inspired by the #metalgear31st campaign. The campaign was part of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is vying to be in the director’s chair for the Metal Gear […]

And the trophy goes to Metal Gear Solid 4

Pretty much every modern gaming platform now has the concept of achievements/trophies built in as standard. But this wasn’t always the case with Sony and the PS3 and in 2008 having trophies in games wasn’t mandatory. But now for the 25th anniversary Konami are re-releasing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots under the […]