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Funko Pop! Releases Labyrinth Line of Figurines

Fans of Jim Henson’s musical fantasy Labyrinth listen up! Funko Pop! are preparing to release a Labyrinth themed series of Pop! Vinyls. The range includes (naturally) Jareth, Hoggle, Ludo, Sarah and my personal favourite, Worm. Unfortunately Sir Didymus and his noble steed Ambrosius have not apparently made the cut. The figures are the latest in a in Funko’s […]

The Goblin King – Making It Up

Welcome, welcome, to a new segment here on The Arcade. Hopefully you are used to our regular format of Style Saturday when it comes to makeup, but I wanted to dive even deeper into the world of painting faces. I’ll be taking iconic looks from our favourite movies, series, comics and games, and talking about what […]

Forgotten Childhood: Labyrinth

Given the recent loss of David Bowie it only seemed fair to sit down on Sunday, duvet in hand and throw on Labyrinth. Released in 1986 this fantasy musical directed by Jim Henson and George Lucas, starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly is exactly what you would expect when these minds, along with Brian Froud as the conceptual designer, come […]

David Bowie – In Memoriam

There’s no word great enough to truly encompass the grandeur of David Bowie as a creative entity. Every attributed title or caption must come with a massive caveat. Yes, he’s a musician, but he’s not just a musician, yes, he’s an artist, but he’s not just an artist. His body of work, which clocks in […]

Cat’s Meow: Catchy Cat Classic Tracks

Firstly let me say something on behalf of my fellow felines; it is a disgrace to humankind that there isn’t a single symphony written about us cats! Someone needs to rectify this soon or our hand will be forced into action! While there aren’t the symphony we’ve demanded down through the centuries these musical pieces […]