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We Love Kpop For The ‘Music’

Kpop is so full of different sub-genres, there are so many types of music to choose from, we’re often spoiled for choice. So many fantastic rappers, beautiful ballad singers and amazing dance hits, not to mention the intense and hypnotic choreography and live performances. Idols are so multi-talented too, they can sing, dance, rap, model, […]

Music Monday 20/10/2014

Do you ever get home Friday after a long week in work/school only to go to bed and wake up to find that somehow it’s Monday morning?  You better say yes to that otherwise I’m going to start googling symptons and my hypochondria won’t be stoppable! My weekend is missing and Monday feels just that […]

Review: Just Dance 2014

I'm no stranger to the rhythm genre and have been an avid fan of Kinect since it's release but this is my first time playing the Just Dance series having nearly always opted for the Xbox only series 'Dance Central' and owning all of it's current titles! Can Just Dance 2014 sway me from my loyalty?