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Review: Creed

Rocky Balboa is one of the great champions of the big screen. Not a hero, a champion – his story is one of overcoming adversity and challenging himself endlessly before ultimately paying the price. The original Rocky resonates so much because it’s such a no-frills adaptation of that classic tale of overcoming one’s own personal […]

Screen Savers: Rocky IV

Creed, the new film in the Rocky saga has been met with near unanimous praise for it’s heart, characters and the fresh approach to the formula. It’s hard to believe that a film of such integrity and realism is just two installments ahead of the unpardonable drivel that is Rocky IV. For those who don’t […]

First Creed Trailer Packs Real Punch

Another Rocky film is hardly something to get excited about – much less a spinoff. But this first trailer for Creed, the upcoming Michael B. Jordan-helmed sequel about Apollo Creed’s son entering the ring packs a dramatic right hook that really leaves a mark. Jordan is joined by co-star Tessa Thompson, who plays the singer […]