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Cosplay Closet: Pout Perfection

In my last cosplay  piece we looked at eyeliners and brow pencils to give you that on-fleek look. This one is all about that pout, the perfect lip. With everything else done and dusted, the last pieces of you look will add dimension, highlights, shadows, subtle colouring and plump luscious lips. Lips are one of the most […]

Gallery: Comiket Cosplay 2015

Comiket or Comic Market is the bi-annual manga festival that took Japan by storm. Since it’s origins in 1975, the show has become one of the largest gatherings, drawing in nearly half a million people per event and a lot of the audience comes in elaborate cosplay. The August show which is currently under way […]

BitBanter: Fake Nerd Guys

When it comes to cosplay there are thousands of us out there just doing our thing and having fun. Although in any field there are always a few who end up having their cosplay shared by thousands because of how well executed it is. This group cosplay did exactly that and I had to get in touch with […]