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JordeeKai Recreates Jared Leto Joker Look

Would you live for me? Hmm? Cosplayer, all round geek machine and makeup artist JordeeKai tackles the infamous Jared Leto Joker look. In her latest video, the make up artist shows us how to take the iconic (loved/hated) look from the Suicide Squad movie. Check out the video below and see her amazing work for yourself! While […]

Animated Lady – Cosplay Gallery

With the release of Moana coming up soon I’ve been on a bit of an animated lady buzz as of late. There have been some amazing characters, heros, villains, damsels and daredevils to admire in recent years. Their animation styles are numerous and all have their special appeal. The characters themselves are even more unique […]

JordeeKai – Player Select September 2016

JordeeKai is an Irish cosplayer, vlogger and gamer known for her infectious enthusiasm, creativity and her sense of humour. Her time and experience on the Irish convention and cosplay scene has earned her the experience and knowledge to hone her craft. With an active following across social media, JordeeKai has garnered a strong following at […]

The Noob Experience – Conventions

A typical bucket list consists of things like skydiving, seeing the pyramids, setting foot on every continent. Yet close to the top of mine was going to a convention. Working in a typical office environment, conversations revolve around Coronation Street and E.R.  Shows like Eureka, Supernatural, and Arrow simply don’t make the cut. I always […]

Kay Pike’s Mindblowing Geeky Body Art

Kay Pike is a name everyone in the cosplay community should learn. Cosplayer, artist and model has turned her exceptionally talented hands to the art of body painting and it really is something to behold. The Canadian artist has only been practicing the art since last year but she’s already created some truly stunning pieces. […]

Eevee Valkyries Storm Katsucon

Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokémon in the monster series. Many regard the evolutionary choices trainers make as evidence of their own personality; Glaceon trainers are cool under pressure, Espeon owners tend to be insightful and Jolteon players are quick thinking. While each version has beautiful designs, their known for the power as well. […]