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Cosplay Closet: Being A Cosplay Guest

This week’s Cosplay Closet is just that little bit different from normal as I thought I’d write about something I’ve recently had some practice in! It’s something I always wondered about, it’s something I always wanted to know more about and couldn’t really find too much about online. Being a cosplay guest at a convention […]

Cosplay Closet: Challenge Yourself

It might just be me, but I tend to treat cosplay as a competitive sport. I don’t mean in a literal sense, you won’t find anything I’ve made in the Eurocosplay finals. But whenever I go to make a new costume, I look at 3 things: “How much do I want to make it?”, “Do […]

Cosplay Closet: Cosplay Confidence

In the world of cosplay, we all hope that people will like our cosplays enough to comment on our pictures, like our pages or maybe even share our pictures. We work hard all year round; on our make up, our wigs or our props. We wear cosplays to attend conventions with our friends, we wear them […]

Cosplay Closet: Pout Perfection

In my last cosplay  piece we looked at eyeliners and brow pencils to give you that on-fleek look. This one is all about that pout, the perfect lip. With everything else done and dusted, the last pieces of you look will add dimension, highlights, shadows, subtle colouring and plump luscious lips. Lips are one of the most […]

Cosplay Closet: Your Face Is A Canvas!

Make up is a massive massive part for any and all cosplayers nowadays. Now, before I go on, I know you’re thinking “But Lauren! Articles like this have been done to death, haven’t they?!” and yes, I’m going to agree with you there because everyone and their grandmother have written about make up for cosplay, […]