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Character Performing – Cosplay Closet

For most, cosplay starts out as a simple hobby, something fun to bring to conventions and to wear with friends, possibly even to do some photoshoots just to show off the costume in the best way possible! For some, cosplay can progress into a professional way of life, you just have to look at cosplayers […]

Cosplay Closet: Packing For DCC 2016!

With Dublin Comic Con right around the corner, some of us cosplayers are bound to still be in the dreaded ‘Con Crunch’, whether it’s trying to finish a cosplay in time or just gathering some last minute supplies. So, we here at The Arcade decided to help all you stragglers and even you, the cosplayer […]

Cosplay Closet: Health and Safety

We’ve talked about a lot of topics in Cosplay Closet. From how to pose, to your make-up, to challenging your skills. However there’s one thing that cosplayers can sometimes forget when it comes to making their costume. You have to take care of yourself! I’ve seen so many horror stories of people who come home […]