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Artist Alley: Where Do I Start?

Anyone who’s been to a convention knows that one of the most essential elements of any trade hall is the Artists Alley. These wonderful artists exhibit their original work, and generally have some of the most creative and interesting things to sell. But how did they get there? Do you want to sell your work […]

Cosplay =/= Consent

From television shows, documentaries, magazine spreads and studies, the world of Cosplay is being exposed more and more to those outside the Convention/Cosplay circuit. As more focus is thrown on the hobby, it seems that more and more problems are arising and one that many are taking very seriously is the issue of consent and […]

Interview: Cosplay Ireland with Amy and Fiona

With the community growing every day and the Irish convention scene attracting attention on an international level, Cosplay has become a huge part of geek culture here in Ireland but what do cosplayers do when there are no Cons running? Well one group have an answer and I'm lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with the people behind it, Amy and Fiona from Cosplay Ireland. Click here to check it out now!

Cosplay – The Origins

What is cosplay?  Cosplay is many things to many people, a hobby, part of themselves or a form of performance art. Cosplay is an amalgamation of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ with the actual term first penned in the mid 1980’s and is accredited to Nobuyuki Takahashi who wrote about the costumes and the people wearing them after visiting […]