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Cosplay Closet: Packing For DCC 2016!

With Dublin Comic Con right around the corner, some of us cosplayers are bound to still be in the dreaded ‘Con Crunch’, whether it’s trying to finish a cosplay in time or just gathering some last minute supplies. So, we here at The Arcade decided to help all you stragglers and even you, the cosplayer […]

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con – Review

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was a kitschy hullabaloo, a satisfyingly quaint collection of artists, writers, and geeks making a living from their fandom. Let’s dive into it. Local Vegas comic stores were well represented in the merch stakes, and from perusing them and other stalls something I’ve always felt has finally been confirmed. […]

Cosplay Closet: Cosplay Confidence

In the world of cosplay, we all hope that people will like our cosplays enough to comment on our pictures, like our pages or maybe even share our pictures. We work hard all year round; on our make up, our wigs or our props. We wear cosplays to attend conventions with our friends, we wear them […]

Gif Essay: Cleansing The Body Post-Binge

I’m a full on, bona-fide, if-there-was-a-sign-to-carry-I’d-be-carrying-it binger. Games, TV, movies, books; it doesn’t matter the poison when something sinks its teeth into my consciousness, I can’t not sit there for hours soaking up anything and everything to do with it until all information has been assimilated and I ponder what the bloody hell I’ll do […]

Gallery: ArcadeCon Memories

We’d like to start gathering some of your favourite memories of ArcadeCon for our gallery below. The images in the gallery so far are spread across the five different years and feature a pretty eclectic mix from events, guests, staff and just a whole lot of fun. If you’d like to share a photo and […]