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Geek Pile – Gif Essay

It’s not a collection when you’ve not been able to give it your full attention. It’s the geek pile! We all have one! It’s a clutter of shame! A mountain of disgraced discs! A sea of scandalished back issues! A scandalous trove of half watched episodes! With the best of intentions many a geek and […]

Geeky Goodies: Plush Comfort

We’re heading for a rough, cold and wet few weeks/months and while some of us (me, mostly me!) are looking forward to the freezing dark nights ahead the rest are dreading soggy clothes, biting winds and lack of sunshine. It got me thinking though about the things we use to comfort ourselves, get all snuggled […]

Gif Essay: Conquering The Collection

Around once a year, it comes time to accept that piles and piles (and piles) of stuff that’s been purchased over the last 10-12 months needs proper cataloging and putting away. Being a comic, movie, game and music collector, there’s always a pile somewhere of fresh additions to the collection that need to be suitably […]

News: Elder Scrolls Anthology

Love the Elder scrolls series? Have far too much time on your hands? Well then boy is this collection for you. The collection bundles All past Elders Scrolls games and DLC along with five maps of the elder scrolls regions (sadly not cloth this time). The Elder scrolls is a long lasting series ,and with […]