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Hot Toys Tackle Video Game Spider-Man

I am absolutely in love with the new Spider-Man game. I haven’t stopped web slinging and snapping photos since it’s release. Now Hot Toys have released images of a brand new collectible based on the gaming smash hit. Everyone say hello the figure you didn’t know you needed until now; Spider-Punk. The 1/6th scale figure […]

Hocus Pocus Funko Pops Are Coming

The Sanderson sisters first graced us with their presence in 1993 when Hocus Pocus was released. And while the film wasn’t a box office hit back in the day it became a cult movie. Especially when it’s Halloween. And now, 25 years later the Sanderson sisters are back. In Funko Pop form! But that’s not […]

Kotobukiya Take On Animated Batman

He is the Batman that most of us remember and despite the many incarnations that have followed him since, it has been very hard to knock Batman The Animated Series off it’s pedestal. Now renowned figure and collectibles maker Kotobukiya are preparing to release a new statue of Batman based on the cartoon series. It’s currently […]

Agumon Plush And Wrist Cushion

I was never really that concerned with office ergonomics, that is until I set eyes on this Agumon desk rest and plush. Now I’m more than interested, I’m downright concerned for the Digiworld my health and posture. Thankfully my future office buddy and Digimon companion Agumon is at hand to protect me from damaging my […]

DIY Problem? Give Mjolnir A Go!

Mjolnir may have better uses like fighting hordes of frost giants, thwarting evil brothers and thwacking the Hulk but one fan has found a new use. At the end of the day, the weapon is a hammer and hammers are pretty useful. Whether you’re knocking a hole in the wall trying to put up a […]