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Top 5 Baddest Females

This week saw the glorious celebration of International Women’s Day. A day used for celebrating the greatest accomplishments of the fairer sex. However, while we celebrate the fantastic achievements of real life female heroes, let us not forget the fictional ones that inspired some of us to achieve greater things. From the world of movies, […]

Music Monday: Bad B*tch

Lately work’s got me down and I know a lot of people are stuck with finals and school work, but we can’t ever let ourselves forget we’re bad friggin’ b*tches. I’ve been pumping these tunes non-stop to help with the workload (okay, I’ve actually been listening to Rihanna‘s ‘Anti’ album on loop, but I couldn’t just […]

Music Monday 12/04/2015

The weather has been acting very strangely for the last week or so meaning loads of sunshine and minimal rain and it has been uplifting. I have a spring in my step and a smile on my face first thing in the morning no matter how early it is. These songs are a weird mix […]